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How to create Trackbacks to a GoDaddy Blog

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

A great way to gain backlinks to your site is to have visitors ‘Trackback’ to your blog page. Here is an example:

1. I have visited an interesting blog – http://news.drivebathurst.com

2. I see a great video on the event called Drive Bathurst 2008 Promotional Video.

3. I click on the title of the post and I am taken to the specific page for that article.

4. There is a section on the page called ‘Trackbacks’ with a link to ‘Trackback specific URL for this entry’.

5. When I click on that link a message pops up saying:

“You can use the trackback URL to link to this enrey frim your own blog or Web site. To copy this link, right-click on the link and select “Copy Shortcut” in Internet Explorer or “Copy Link Location” in Mozilla.”

6. Once the link is copied, I can create a post like:

Check out the Drive Bathurst Promotional Video!

and fill in the Trackback section of the blog with the copied Trackback specific URL and that’s it. Trackback request sent to destination blog!

Page Rank 9 (PR9) “backlink” for SEO!!!

Friday, June 27th, 2008

There is a way to obtain Page Rank 9 (PR9) “backlink” to your site for only US$83/month! PR9 pages are few and far between and this one is a beauty. Search Engines love high PR pages that link back to your site. Having links back to your sites from high PR pages will count as powerful votes and will help with your own SEO.

Check out the W3C Supporters Program at:


The link will not pass any Pagerank as there is a NOFOLLOW tag on the page however it is still a real backlink.